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Cascading Style Sheets control the user interface of the site [to a degree] and we believe that to keep life simple users should have a consistent interface. You don't want visitors to `learn` how to use your site.

We use two: Materialize by Google, which is being used on this site and Bootstrap by Twitter. Both of these frameworks are very popular and well supported. At the time of writing, we prefer Materialize, but that's just because it's a little bit more recent and the developers have quite clearly addressed a lot of criticisms with its big sister BootStrap [V4 is a good choice too].

If you like your web-sites to be `bouncy` or some might say `animated` then you can go as far as reasonable taste allows with animate.css and something called Tweening; this is very much a personal choice and can work well, but these things do come and go in fashion/design terms.

Here is some example CSS - just mouse-over the below: