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Magento 2.1 is now working. Alas 2.0 was very flaky, but this is not a history lesson. The good news is that M2, as we'll call it now, is fast and key extensions now seem solid or more importantly the ones you'll need.

So what will we do ? Realistically we'll take a base Theme, our own one ideally which we'll customise to your requirements. If you have an old 1.x Theme and you're looking to upgrade, we'll see what can be done here. We'd like to stress that we really do custom work and modifying an off-the-shelf theme is OK, but it's really better to have your own beautiful theme with your extensions. This also avoids bloat-ware.

M2 is now really all about speed and keeping it minimal. Furthermore, we'd like to think that your M2 platform should be more like a custom MVC setup with your bespoke features and not those thrust on you by some designer. Backend extensions are great and no-one is disputing this, but we'd hope that you would go a little `greenfield` and see what you need rather than accepting the kitchen-sink.

We have our own Material Theme which is built on Google's Materialize framework [or BootStrap if you prefer this]. We'll add in all the normal extensions for e-Mail, payment gateways, sliders and anything you fancy but these must now be 2.1 compliant. We are not regressing back to Magento 1.x

So in very simple terms you can have a great BESPOKE shop from the World's No #1 eCommerce company and have it customised to your heart's content. We will do bespoke /app/code work if you understand this term, but we honestly work with third-party extensions from small software houses. We are really there for your UI/UX experience and ensuring that you have a great looking eShop.

You can see our FREE M2 Extension on gitHub and if you are a developer too then please enjoy this. We hope this helps you with your M2 site[s].