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CMS is often mis-understood because of Wordpress [the #1 web-site tool]. We love WP for blogs, but wouldn't touch it for real sites/Apps with one exception where you want to use WP as your database [and its admin], but then have your frontend controlled as a Laravel App - which is now possible. This is really for WP fans only.

Our CMS depends on your site. It's not that your site fits our CMS, but the other way round. Sure, we all have standard operations that need to be done, but you should really look at your CMS as your backend control system and not just some panel which allows you to change a font or a title on a page. Wherever possible we use open end-point data-structures so how you organise your data is completely custom.

So the CMS is really a DBMS or DataBase Management System and will and should become an integral tool for your business and a `system` which allows you to really manipulate and control your data, e.g. a marketing tool for your client base.

It's also worth a mention that we install Google Analytics on your site and naturally we take no credit for this; GA can also be an invaluable tool.