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Angular 2 [stress Version 2] is the framework of choice for the real developer/programmer. It is both loved and loathed because it doesn't really resemble web-site design unless you are a Java programmer. It uses a language called Typescript which is a super-set of Javascript and completely object-orientated.

So why the applause from the developer community ? A good question and the answer, bar that it comes from Google, is that assuming you can truly appreciate OOP and Google use C++, Java and Python, you are building a real application here which will, in time, take the web to the next level.

For run of the mill sites, A2 is probably a bit too complex, but if your site is more like an application then A2 would be the way to go. We are currently writing CMS in A2.

Any A2 web-site will in effect be a complete re-write and you really have to use A2 as an IDE. In fact you don't really need other libraries with A2 [such as react or even jQuery].